Admissions Process at Lexis Prep

Preparing Students for Success at Our School for Learning Disabilities

The goal of the Lexis Prep Admissions team is to identify children who meet the criteria for admission and facilitate their enrollment. The admissions team is comprised of the Head of School, the School Psychologist, the Admissions Coordinator, and designated staff members.

The process described below is followed in an attempt to understand the individual needs of potential candidates and to ensure admittance of candidates who will thrive at Lexis Prep.

Overview of the Admissions Process

The Lexis Prep student admissions process includes a thorough review of the child and carefully considers parent and professional feedback.

Step 1: Initial Parent Meeting with School Director
The primary objective of this conference is to discuss your child's strengths and history, and review previous evaluations in order to establish potential candidacy.

  • Prior to the meeting, parents should complete the General Inquiry Form. Download the inquiry form.
  • Parents should bring report cards, standardized testing results, and previous evaluations (educational, medical, psychological, etc.) to the meeting. A current evaluation of ability, cognitive processing, and academic functioning is required to proceed with the admissions process. A full evaluation must be less than one year old, and an academic assessment must be less than six months old.
  • The Head of School will collect the General Inquiry Form and CBCL.
  • Parents and the Head of School will discuss the child’s school history as well as his or her strengths and challenges.
  • The Head of School will share information with the parents about the school’s mission, philosophy, curriculum, and tuition.
  • The Head of School then completes a preliminary review of the student's records and other available information.
  • At the conclusion of this meeting, the Head of School will present the parents with an initial determination as to whether Lexis Prep can meet the educational needs of the child.

Step 2: Application Process
This step includes the submission and review of all available and appropriate student records for your child.

  • Parents submit the Release of Information Form and Application for Admissions Form.
  • Parents submit the application fee.
  • The school may request additional records or evaluation results if no previous evaluations have been completed, or if prior evaluations are determined to be insufficient or outdated.
  • The school reviews all records and makes a recommendation. Additional input from parents and other professionals are an important part of the review process.

Step 3: Shadow/Observation Day

Your child will either spend a day in one of our classrooms while you (the parents) observe, or our School Psychologist or Director will observe your child in the current learning environment. Additional testing by an outside educational psychologist may also be recommended.

  • The student attends Lexis Prep for a "shadow" day, or
  • A school representative visits the student in his or her current classroom setting.

Step 4: Admissions Decision
Based on the information gathered in Steps 1-3, you will be officially notified of your child's acceptance to Lexis Prep.

  • Once the admissions committee meets and determines eligibility, parents will be contacted by phone. A follow-up letter will be mailed to confirm the status. A consultation with the parent will then be made to discuss the decision.
  • Parents meet with school personnel to review all paperwork and documents required for admission, along with submitting the registration fee and signed Tuition Contract.
  • The student is enrolled to begin class.

Step 5: Post-Enrollment Orientation, Diagnostic Teaching, and Intervention Planning
Following formal acceptance, completion of all necessary documents, and payment of fees, the school will develop an intensive customized learning plan for your child.

  • The student and parents will participate in a parent-student orientation held prior to the student’s first day of school. The orientation will include a thorough review of the child’s academic program, daily calendar, and other important topics. The orientation is typically led by the student’s homeroom teacher. Once the student is accepted, a parent-student orientation meeting will be scheduled.
  • New students receive an initial placement based on information gathered during the admissions process. A permanent placement is determined following a two-week observation and assessment period. Following this period, teachers and staff will meet to determine the placement and academic program for the child. All recommendations will be included in the student’s UHA! Plan.
  • A final copy of the plan will be given to the parent and placed in the student’s file.
  • The student is fully enrolled and ready to experience success!

Admissions Paperwork Required

  • Application form
  • Authorization and consent forms
  • Current records (standardized testing, report cards, evaluations)
  • A shadow form (to be completed by the school staff during the student visit)
  • Teacher recommendation form 

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As parents who are raising a child that doesn't fit into the "box," in terms of learning styles, we know how painful and difficult it can be. At Lexis the small setting and individualized teaching plans that are made for each child make a huge difference in their ability to learn, feel encouraged and feel empowered to take control of their own learning. Lexis is a school that looks at the whole child and encourages them to learn to their fullest potential—challenging and encouraging them every step of the way.

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