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Lexis Preparatory School strongly believes that each child has a unique learning style. It is counter to that principle to expect all children to adapt to the teaching style of an instructor or school. Rather, at Lexis, we customize the curriculum to optimize each child’s learning, so that learning becomes natural and enjoyable.

Our tuition is structured in an equally customized manner. After obtaining a thorough history from parents and past teachers, reviewing recent educational evaluations, and observing each child, a customized curriculum is developed for each Lexis student through a combination of classroom-based courses (10 – 12 students), small-group instruction (2 – 4 students), and individualized instruction. 


Core Academic Program

COLLEGE PREPARATORY “CORE” K-8 PROGRAM                                     $23,800 PER YEAR

COLLEGE PREPARATORY “CORE” High School Blended Program         $25,500 PER YEAR

The following courses are offered as part of the Core College Preparatory Classroom for every student.

•   Math

     -   TouchMath

     -   Manipulative-Based

     -   McGraw Hill My Math program and Glencoe Course 1 - 3

•   Science

     -   Delta Science Program

     -   Core Knowledge Sequence

     -   FOSS Science Kits

•   Language Arts, Reading, and Humanities

    -   Imagine It Reading Series 

    -   Readworks

    -   Wilson Language Programs

    -   Handwriting without Tears

    -   WordlyWise Vocabulary

    -   Orton Gillingham

•   Writing

    -   Step Up To Writing

    -   SRSD

    -   Six Traits Writing McGraw

   -  NoRedInk

•   History and Social Studies

    -   History Alive!

    -   Core Knowledge Sequence and Materials

    -   Social Studies Alive!

•   Art

    -   Visual arts including ceramics, painting, drawing, graphic design, etc.

•   Physical Education

    -   Team and individual sport activities teaching the value of sportsmanship and the importance of personal health and exercise

•   Special Activities

    -   Lunch, Recess, Assemblies, Field Trips

•   Executive Function Skills/Study and Organizational Skills

Executive Function is the ability to organize and prioritize one’s cognitive processes. This includes selective attention and the ability to plan ahead, stop and start activities, shift from one activity to another, and monitor one’s own behavior. Executive function and study skills are strongly emphasized within the classroom, and throughout the day. Our emphasis on executive function skill building will teach students how to organize their time, plan for future tasks, complete assignments on time, and organize their materials (bookbags, lockers, notebooks). Students will learn how to effectively use a planner and organizer to break down assignments, manage activities and plan for upcoming projects. Our staff will work with parents to ensure that what is learned in session is transferred to activities at home.

•   Social Skills Enhancement

The ability to easily make new friends, the talent to maintain friendships, and the ability to recognize social cues in all our relationships are without question the most important skills children learn in life. Our staff recognizes the critical importance of social skills enhancement and will support the children throughout the day. In addition, the program emphasizes character education, conflict resolution and problem-solving skills. 


Academic Support Services

ADDITIONAL READING SUPPORT                                                                                                        

Reading Support is specifically designed for students who have been diagnosed with a reading disorder (Dyslexia, Language Learning Disorder, etc.) and who need additional individualized instruction to augment classroom instruction.

 WRITING SUPPORT                                                                                                                                

Students diagnosed with learning disabilities or attention disorders often struggle with the complex task of writing due to the multifaceted nature of the writing process. Students with identified disabilities in written expression or executive function deficits in writing will receive individualized/small group support to walk them through the writing process in a step-by-step manner. Students will utilize various computer software programs to help them develop their organizational, planning and production skills.

 MATH SUPPORT                                                                                                                                   

Students identified with a mild disability (1 year below grade level) in mathematics (reasoning or computation) will receive instruction via small group support utilizing multisensory strategies.


Therapeutic Support Services

• Speech & Language Therapy

    -   Speech, Language and Occupational Therapy services are available on site. Fees will vary based on scope and frequency of services.


Additional Programs and Services

•  After School Learning Support                         Cost varies based on needs of student and frequency of service 
•  Sports Teams          Cost varies 
•  Activity Clubs    Cost varies
•  Before/After Care Cost TBD

Registration Fees 

•  Registration Fee, New Student                    $500, non-refundable 
•  Registration Fee, Returning Student $250, non-refundable
•  Grades K - 8                                               
•  Grades 9 – 12 $700

Payment Options

All tuition will be billed through FACTS, an independent company which provides Tuition Billing Services. FACTS provides two options and Lexis provides a third. In some cases, parents receive funds from an Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA).

  • FACTS: Monthly Billing by Electronic Withdrawal from your checking account.
  • FACTS: Monthly Billing through Credit Card (requires an additional 2.5% fee for this option)


  • Full payment in advance, to Lexis Preparatory School, through check, cash, or money order, due at the time of enrollment. A 5% discount will apply if full payment is received in advance. A 5% sibling discount will apply if more than one student enrolls from the same family.


  • Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA): Quarterly payments deposited onto state approved card.


Scholarship Opportunities

Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA)

Empowerment accounts are set up by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) for students who are currently transferring from a public school to a private school. A student qualifies for an ESA if he/she has had 100 PUBLIC school days in the previous year and has an IEP, MET (Multidiscipline Education Team), or 504 plan. The amount of ESA funds will vary depending on the diagnosis of your child.

(Please click here for additional information from the Arizona Department of Education.))

School Tuition Organizations (STO)

Arizona taxpayers are allowed to redirect state income taxes they owe into scholarships for students attending private K-12 schools through tax credit donations to STOs. These donations qualify for a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona state income taxes up to the annual limits allowed by law or the actual tax liability, whichever is less. STOs allocate 90% or more of all tax credit donation revenue toward student scholarships. STOs may also use corporate contributions to provide scholarships to families in Arizona to use for private school tuition. Many of these scholarships are based on financial need and/or specific student qualifications.

These funds would reduce the tuition and fees owed to Lexis by the amount of additional funding received, minus any administration fee(s) charged.


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