Darlene Nadramia
Business Manager

Darlene initially joined Lexis as the Administrative Assistant and has now become the Business  Manager. She came to Lexis from New York via San Francisco and Las Vegas. Born and raised in New York City, Darlene attended Pace University in Manhattan where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance. She worked in the financial industry in Manhattan for 7 years before being transferred with her job to San Francisco where she continued her career in finance for another 7 years.  She then moved to Las Vegas where she worked for a nonprofit mental health agency that was created to service the indigent population. The agency served both children and adults in the community. She held various positions in that organization helping out wherever she was needed, including human resources, payroll and accounts payable.

Darlene helps parents at Lexis understand and navigate all facets of the tuition and scholarship processes. She also wears many hats in helping the front office run smoothly.  
In her spare time, Darlene volunteers at The Miracle League Baseball Field.  When not volunteering, she loves traveling, hiking, reading, cooking, music, movies and spending time with family, friends and her animals.

11130 East Cholla Street, H-100
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
T: (480) 391-3901