Kaitlin Dommermuth
Elementary Teacher
A Scranton, Pennsylvania native, Kaitlin has studied primary education since she began her undergraduate degree in 2008. She completed her Masters degree in May of 2017 and now specializes in Early Childhood Education PreK-4 and Special Education K-8. Kaitlin has worked with students from preschool to sixth grade in a variety of fully-inclusive classroom settings. She has experience with specific learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, cognitive and developmental disorders, and physical disabilities.

Kaitlin is an advocate for collaboration with educational and medical professionals and within the classroom. She believes that a collaborative classroom is one in which every child is given the same, equal opportunity to learn and grow. She employs multiple means of engagement, addresses students’ preferred learning styles, and actively and meaningfully engages her students in each lesson.

Kaitlin also believes in whole-child growth, including an appreciation for the arts, socio-emotional well-being, and character development. Kaitlin recently moved to Arizona and is thrilled to join the Lexis team. Her goal is to provide a warm, comfortable, and stimulating learning environment for her students. She believes that every child can succeed and have fun while doing so! When she is not at school, Kaitlin loves exploring her new home with her boyfriend and dog, Finn.
11130 East Cholla Street, H-100
Scottsdale, AZ 85259
T: (480) 391-3901